Monday, February 20, 2012

Dodgeball, Yes or No?

The games we play with the students at Saint Mary's are more geared towards games incorporate everyone and including basic motor skills that they should be practicing. The games that are in the Hall Of Shame Games are good for the athletes but maybe not so much for kids who aren't as skilled in this area. I think that mostly all games can be tweeked and changed into games that are better suited for all students. A real P.E. teacher should have the imagination and creativity to alter the games that all the kids love into games that are good for students all around. Dodgeball is a great example of this. There are many different variations of dodgeball one being trench-ball which allows the kids who do get out to still be able to participate and even get back into the main action of the game. Trench-ball works on the basic skills dodgeball would such as throwing, catching, dodging, jumping, and running while also putting more opportunity for the kids to be more strategic because now they have  the trench to think about, also. Wrapping this all up, kids love dodgeball because it's just fun and altering it so it is acceptable to play will make kids more interested in P.E.. If we completely take away games that kids love then we will destroy physical education because we bored then to hate it. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day

This was the second time we went to Saint Mary's this semester. It was slightly easier this time around because I had a clearer picture in my head of what was expected of me. My group was in the cafeteria, however, it was such a nice day that the kids got to go outside. The kids mostly wanted to play tag and out of that group it was mostly boys. There was one girl sitting on a bench by herself and I went up to ask her if she wanted to play and she said no to the few suggestions I made.  She did not like the game concentration. Overall it was less overwhelming and I am hopeful that it will get better as the weeks progress
Lab 2

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Virtus Reaction

This was a very informational session about child abuse. It was disturbing to hear the convicted men talk about what they had done and act like it was nothing. It's  eye opening that there really are people like that out there and, as educators, we need to be aware of the signs of abuse so we can step in and hopefully be able to save children from damaging abuse. Also, it was helpful to learn things not to do around kids to protect yourself from  harms way.